Veronique Inbar

Born in Israel, 1966
Lives and works in Tel-Aviv.
Lectures at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, and at Jump-Cut School for Editors since 2002.
A member of the Professional Artists Union administration board since 2017.

Solo Exhibitions:
2021 Artspace Tel-Aviv. Three Verbs. curated by Danielle Tzadka Cohen.
2017 Artspace Tel-Aviv. Fog and Shadows (Artist wall). curated by Nir Harmat.
2017 Artspace Tel-Aviv. Manganese Dendrites. curated by Maya Cohen Levy.
2013 Art Gallery at the memorial center Tivon .To Catch The Moon. curated by taly cohen garbuz.
2012 hahanut gallery. kibus habad. curated by rani lavie.
2008 Tel-Aviv Artist's House. crack. curated by galit semel.
2006 Tel-Aviv Artist's House. Mommy yes Mommy no. curated by Daniel Cahana-Levinson.

Two Person Exhibitions:
2015 Rehovot Municipal Gallery, The Twilight Zone. curated by Ora Kraus.
2014 Janco-Dada Museum, Ein Hod, The Twilight Zone. curated by Ora Kraus.

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2022 Artspace, Tel-Aviv. "Action,Plan". curated by Yair Barak.
Gallery 2, Ein Hod. The Circular Time. curated by Nir Harmat.
2020 Artspace Tel-Aviv, Weave. curated by Dalia Danon.
2019 Artspace Tel-Aviv, Prism. curated by Nir Harmat.
2019 The Refrigerator, Off Asif. curated by Shahar Davis and Iris Pshedezki.
2019 P8, Interior - Video-Art screening. curated by Lee Barbu and Sally Krisztal-Kramberg.
2019 Artspace Tel-Aviv. Rethinking "To catch the moon" (Artist wall).
2016 Artspace Tel-Aviv, Artist walls - Texts. curated by Dalia Danon.
2015 Janco-Dada Museum, Ein Hod, Homage to the Red Sea. curated by Raya Zommer.
2012 Artist's House Modiin - Reut. Nine parallel Spaces. curated by Maya Cohen Levy.
Habayit Haadom. group exhibition. curated by maya cohen Levy.
2009 Retro - TLV. prêt-à-porter. curated by Yael Tidhar.
P8. Bartart. curated by Ora Reuven.
Open Studio, Ohavim Omanut-Osim Omanut. Art Loving events in Tel-Aviv.
2008 Givatayim city Gallery. Time tunnel. curated by Daniel Cahana-Levinson.
2007 tungstan. video-art evening 1#. Who does this belong to? curated by Karin Mandelovici.
2005 Beit Berl Photography Gallery. The Family Trilogy."Me" -The Self Portrait. curated by Sheffi Bleier.
Bait Banamal. League. curated by Galia Yahav.
2004 Zman Leomanut Gallery. Pets. curated by Tali Cederbaum.
Beit Berl Photography Gallery.The Family Trilogy. My Child. curated by Sheffi Bleier.
2002 Ramat Gan Museum. 11.95×6.91. curated by Simha Shirman.
Tel-Hai Museum. Exhibition by Seniors of the Photography Departments from across Israel.

Janco-Dada Museum
Bank Leumi collection
Private Collections

2019-2021 M.A. Culture and Film Studies, University of Haifa.
1998-2002 Art studies at Beit Berl Academic College. "Hamidrasha" Art School.
1991-1992 Video Editing studies at Ulpanot School, Tel-Aviv.
1987-1991 B.A. The Department of Film And Television. Tel-Aviv University.

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