About Artist's Work

Artist statement

2021 Three Verbs

2020 weave

2019 Manganese Dendrites

2014-5 Twilight Zone

2014 Transformations

2013 To Catch The Moon

2008 Crack

2006 Who am I holding in my arms when I'm holding mom?

Artist statement

My work process is characterized in questioning the way in which the visual languages perform, and in the attempt to challenge the unique wording of each medium. Whether it is in painting or photography, my work is characterized by the doubting of the customary method.
Simultaneously, my desire as an artist is to reach the transcendent, that which is beyond the literal experience, that which comes before words and language.
In each medium I practice I express my desire to object to the common methods and an urge to act in a consciously different manner. For example, in the sharpness-less photographs embodying motion, or the paintings unafraid of presenting a thing beyond the painting process itself. A question that keeps me restless is what is a painting? What is the minimum required to exist on the canvas or paper before this trace can be called a painting. In my work I go beyond the common practice of placing the paint, or taming a line. Dripping, splashing, reduction, painting and photography in motion, actions where the physical aspect is seen in the artwork, or semantic processes, montages by nature of connections between objects, are a part of the methods by which I try to rephrase the image.