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2021 Three Verbs

2020 weave

2019 Manganese Dendrites

2014-5 Twilight Zone

2014 Transformations

2013 To Catch The Moon

2008 Crack

2006 Who am I holding in my arms when I'm holding mom?

Three Verbs
Curated by Danielle Tzadka Cohen

Veronique Inbar presents three large scale, ink on paper works, made by ink drippings. The works are a part of a series, in which Inbar searches for a picturesque response to the verbal language, a metaphorical parallel to the order that is brought to life by language in the chaos of the story of the biblical creation tale.

She explores three main verbs (said, saw, divided), from the chronological order of the creation story and gives an analysis to the primal source, from the thought that with a line she creates a world. Every work in the exhibit is a different step, a different reflection of a careful act its movement.

In her works, Inbar provides the conditions for the creation of the line and does not actively draw it. Like a pharmacist, she provides the base and the materials with the conditions to grow, to expand, and to develop. The ink is like a living, breathing organism, independent to create a difference on its own. The sketches require a patient observation and calmness but at the same time are themselves preoccupied with struggle and boundary-pushing. The works, which exist on a prolonged timeline, are an endless and mysterious skyline or horizon.

The duality that rises from the works wishes to analyze the relationship between art and theology, the connection between the metaphysical and the matter, the way in which the artist senses the spirit.

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