2020- Artspace Tel-Aviv.

Temporal Painting
2019- The Refrigirator, Tel-Aviv.

Rethinking "To catch the moon"
2019- Artspace, Tel-Aviv.

Fog and Shadows
2017- Artspace Tel-Aviv.

Manganese Dendrites
2017- Artspace Tel-Aviv.

Artist walls - Texts
2016- Artspace Tel-Aviv.

The Twilight Zone
2015- Rehovot Municipal Gallery.

The Twilight Zone
2014- The Janco Dada Museum.

To Catch The Moon
2013-Art Gallery, Tivon.

Kibus Habad
2012- Hahanut gallery Tel Aviv.

previous exhibitions

Temporal Painting
2019-The Refrigirator, Tel Aviv

A documentation of Temporal Painting no 1#. Ink on paper and video projection.
instellation view at The Refrigirator, Off Asif. Tel Aviv